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Family Sponsorships


  • Family: Pays for a family to receive food each month (bag of rice, oil, spaghetti) and any medical care in case of emergencies $50 a month!

Be sure to include the family name you wish to sponsor in the notes section. You can write your family letters, send small gifts, and even visit! You will receive updates and pictures!

Family Members: 

1- Madame Jocelyn

2-Madame Jocelyn's mom

3- Douvensly Richard (7)

4- Larendi Julien (7)

Background: Madame Jocelyn currently takes care of her mother, and her two grandsons- Douvensly and Larendi. She came to a deworming clinic held at the mission house and asked WOW for help. Larendi's mom (her daughter) died and the father had abandoned Larendi. Douvensly has a similar story, but both parents abandoned him.


Madame Jocelyn's Family


Sophonie and Winsley

Family Members: 

1- Sophonie Desrosiers

2- Winsley (1)

Background: Sophonie had contracted the zika virus while she was pregnant with Winsley. She was very sick for much of her pregnancy. Shortly before Winsley was born, the father abandoned Sophonie. Winsley now has major mental and physical limitations due to the zika virus, so Sophonie cannot work because she needs to take care of him 24/7. 


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